Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Blogging Begins...

Blog # 1

EvE offers a great community. Any half-awake pod-pilot knows this. Apparently, CCP can quite happily boast that it has the most active gaming community there is against any other MMO. So, this is good news for any new EvE Bloggers like myself. The first time the community really caught my attention was when I saw the Blog-Pack on my iPod after downloading the Capsuleer App. I enjoyed what I read so I started following a few. I was getting a taste of aspects of the game that I had not yet explored, as well as learning a few new things along the way. A little later I found Podcasts, such as The Drone Bay, and my attention to the EvE community leapt forward further. It was fun, and I decided I wanted to get involved. I enjoy writing, so Blogging is the ideal route to take. In real life, however, I am the type of individual who is a 'thinker' more than a 'doo-er''.

Not so long ago my graphics card packed up. I was on EvE when the screen started to jump. It seemed like lag, so I continued in blissful ignorance until the computer completely froze. On reboot the loading screen was stained with an array of vertical lines. A virus was the first problem that sprung to mind. But to spare the problem-eliminating details that ensued, it turned out the card failed due to my neglect of basic computer housekeeping. When I removed the side-cover of the tower I found the internals caked in dust. It had built up in the heat-sinks and starved the processor of cool air. I acquired a new one and rebooted the computer for good measure. A lot of reinstalling inevitably followed and I quickly grew tired of blue loading bars, so I decided that I would start that EvE Blog that I had been dwindling on for so long. And here it is.

So, back to topic. Well, Akinesis is my Toon and I'm a 2007 player. However, I am probably more of a 2009 player in terms of experience and game-time. My skill points reflect this. At the time of writing my Toon currently harbours only 26mil. Thanks to real-life commitments, I took a year and a half out. But I always knew I would be coming back to EvE. In fact, it's the only game that I play now. EvE encompasses everything I want out of a game. Simple. There is a clear and steady progression coupled with achievement that one can build upon without a 'Final Boss' to end everything one has created. For me, not having an end is one of the games' biggest attractions. I'm not even going to mention the shear diversity EvE offers; it speaks for itself.

As for my play-style, I don't think I should leave it any later to announce that I am a Carebear. This is probably due to my 'upbringing' rather than intial choice. I found my legs in EvE with a Mining-Corp that trained newbs. I am well-aware that many Low/Null-Sec and Wormhole pilots are not interested in reading what a Carebear gets up to in-game. My activities are dull to these folk, so why should they read my posts? Well, I can assure you that I'm not basing this Blog entirely on my Carebear-ing activites. I'm planning on writing about the bigger picture in EvE, not how well my strip-miners are performing. I aim to discuss 'topics' rather than day-to-day events, unless something significant happens. So even though many are shaking their heads at my play-style, I hope my angle of writing will be intersting. Rest assured, however, that I am now flying more and more into Low-Sec due to my Alliance. So hopefully my material will start to relate to a wider margin of players.

I know that I cannot please everybody with this Blog, and I'm certainly not even going to try. All I can say is that I am writing this for myself, and it's a bonus even if I gain one follower.

I hope you enjoy o/